Relaxation Massage Richmond 10am to 11pm 7Days

Relaxing Massage


Relaxation Massage 10 am to 11 pm 7 Days

Ivy Massage

Full body relaxing massage Fully trained therapists You choose your pressure

Treat yourself to a relaxing, full-body massage. In the hands of a friendly and professional massage therapist, you will completely bliss out for an hour while they knead out your tension and relieve your stress. Your therapist will ask for your pressure preference and focus on problem areas.
DURATION – 60 minutes
LOCATION – 169A Swan St Richmond Vic

What’s Included in Massage?

60-minute relaxation massage

The clean and fresh treatment room A warm and inviting atmosphere Trained  massage therapist.

Relax and restore balance with us with a 1-hour long massage. Step into Ivy Massage Studio and be treated to wonderful, personalised service. Your trained massage therapist will ask for your pressure preference and if there are problem areas you would like to target. They will knead out all your stress and tension, helping you to zone out and leave the hustle and bustle of the daily grind for a moment’s peace. This massage is made up of slow, yet firm movements that will help to reduce tension and release muscular fatigue, leaving you rejuvenated and glowing from the inside out.

Ivy Massage Richmond our trained massage therapists provide a warm and friendly environment for your total relaxation offering treatments such as Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue, Remedial Massage, and Reflexology, each designed to alleviate stress and release muscle tension.

Relaxation Massage dissolves the physical tension and holding from the body, but it can also dissolve the fear and anxiety that may have created the ‘armor’. Sometimes when you give a massage, a person will suddenly remember the incident that led to the tension in the first place.

You may feel upset as the memory surfaces, or the emotion may simply be released and the holding dissolved effortlessly. It is only when we are at peace with ourselves that we can contribute to peace on a wider scale.

It is only when we experience the peace that we want to maintain it. Massage has a huge part to play in generating harmony within individuals and, as individuals, we automatically extend this well-being to others and in so doing contribute to peace and happiness.

Ivy Massage will relax you with our friendly environment that is conducive to sharing feelings throw touch.

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